The deceit of senses – 2015

“Taster” video performance: End of a workshop with pastry students, discussing the symbolism of food. Throughout centuries, men have always tried to seek immortality. This has especially been expressed in food or drinks. The people received a flask of this elixir of life, but had to crunch the glass to reach immortality. This was a denunciation of the absurdity of their faith.

Extract from “The deceit of senses” - 2015 (Taster video performance, 16/9)

Explosion House – 2013

Representation of Praha architecture. According to old traditions, Czech people would light a candle up in those models. By destroying the model, I erase the symbolic of Czech houses in collective knowledge. Tourists buy those little houses to keep a souvenir. By changing the size of those houses and making them explode, I destroy the Memory bounded to the souvenir. Czech people do not destroy their architecture, they renovate all the time.

Extract from “Explosion House” - 2013 (Installation video, 180 cm height, looped video)

Franck – 2010

Expressing something from one extreme to the other is two worlds that are opposed but at the same time a link unites those two worlds, just like an evolution. It can expressed via two people who look different, who have different expressions, behaviours or states of mind.
Drag Queens are part of oneself that a lot of men hide and do only accept at night in appropriate places. The most important moment is the transformation, when the two extremes meet before moving apart again. It is an observation of a man’s state of mind when changing personality.

Extract from “Franck” - 2010 (16/9, 9 minutes 14 secondes)

Eating House – 2012

« the modern gluton is bulimic. He consumes until he saturates. He shows his lack of autonomy and his low threshold to life frustrations. Like the disappearance or the destruction of things that reassure us. The house is part of those things. » Like Hansel and Gretel’s tale, the satisfaction of primitive desires by the sin of greed. And the confrontation to the destruction of the image of safety: home.

Extract from “Eating House” - 2012 (16/9, 12 minutes)         Extract from “Portrait Camille” - 2012 (16/9, 12 minutes)         Extract from “Portrait Lucie” - 2012 (16/9, 12 minutes)

Extract from “Portrait Maude” - 2012 (16/9, 12 minutes)